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The right vehicles when and where you need them.

Optimise your fleet’s performance and reduce its impact on your bottom line. We help you acquire vehicles
to drive your business forward and reduce your fleet costs. Plus, we’ll streamline maintenance and reporting requirements.



No Ownership Risk
Operating Lease

Reduce residual risk, the administrative burden of a fleet and free up working capital with our operating lease products.

Optimise Your Fleet
Fleet Management

Reduce your fleet's impact on your bottom line and increase productivity with a Fleet Management solution.

Get a Cash Injection
Sale & Leaseback

Take advantage of the capital tied up in your existing fleet. We’ll pay you for your existing fleet and lease it back to you.

Heavy Commercial
Commercial Lease

We can help you drive down fleet costs, free up working capital, and manage maintenance more efficiently.

Leasing for Employers
Help attract and retain employees by offering Novated Leasing as a benefit in your business.
Nationwide Purchasing Power
You could save on the purchase price of your next car with our strong fleet purchasing power.
Leasing for NFP Organisations
Rely on FleetPartners’ expert Not-for-Profit team to help keep you focused on supporting your community.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What costs can be incorporated into a Fully Maintained Operating Lease?

A Fully Maintained Operating Lease can include all maintenance costs, (both scheduled servicing and any unscheduled repairs), registration renewal, tyre replacements, comprehensive insurance, accident management, roadside assistance, fuel, e-tag management and replacement vehicles in the event of breakdown. Alternatively, the lease can be customized to your preferences by including only the services listed above that you choose.

How much will leasing save me over owning a vehicle?

There are two parts to this answer.

Firstly there is hard cash savings. As we purchase, service and sell tens of thousands of vehicles across Australia and New Zealand we buy at great prices, which means when you lease a vehicle from us you are spreading a lower cost over the life of the vehicle. This leaves your own cash or credit facilities intact and ready to invest back into your business to get a return. Taking this into account leasing could save you thousands per vehicle.

The second area of saving is that a Fully Maintained Operating Lease takes away the hassle and administration of running vehicles. Buying, selling, servicing, managing and fuelling a vehicle is simplified freeing up valuable time for you to focus on your business.

Ask us how much we can save for your own personal circumstances by calling 1300 666 001 or click here to enter an enquiry.

What happens if I want to extend the term?

Before the end of your contract you'll be asked whether you want to replace the vehicle or extend the contract. If you would like to hold on to the vehicle because the kilometres are low or you're undecided we'll recalculate your rental and reduce your ongoing cost over the extended life of the lease.

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