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Date published: 4 April 2017

Up until just a few years ago, EVs were regarded as a peculiar novelty, with too many compromises to even fathom as an alternative to a petrol car.

Date published: 3 March 2017

Replacement tyres for your car don't come cheap…and with so many brands of tyres available to the consumer at vastly varying prices, how do we know what tyre to choose.

Date published: 2 March 2017

The Australian car industry might be losing two of it's home-grown heroes from Ford and Holden, but there is still plenty to look forward to this year.

Date published: 6 February 2014

Saving fuel has always been a debate around the BBQ. Does having your air conditioning on waste fuel versus having the window down? Restarting your engine burns more fuel at a stop, and is fuel really at is cheapest on a Wednesday?

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Reduce accidents by monitoring driver behaviour. Read more on how you can focus training programs on at risk drivers while rewarding safe drivers.


With growing regulation businesses need to ensure they know their obligations, particularly when it comes to vehicle safety.

Some analysts believe it will be at least a decade before self-driving cars are capable of navigating complex urban environments.