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FleetPartners provide simple, hassle free car leasing solutions.

A Novated Lease is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to get a car, and Border Express offers this employee benefit through its partnership with FleetPartners. With a Novated Lease, a portion of your salary is used to cover the lease payments and associated costs, reducing your taxable income and potentially saving you money. FleetPartners takes care of all the administrative tasks, leaving you with more time to enjoy your car hassle-free.


Novated car leasing benefits for personal use

A FleetPartners Novated Lease is a stress-free, cost-effective way to get, and run, a new or used car. There’s no need to get a car loan or borrow against your mortgage. You won’t even have to wait to start saving – save thousands immediately on a new car with no GST on the purchase price! Get in touch today and we’ll talk you through your options.


Enjoy thousands in upfront GST savings

You can immediately save thousands in GST on the purchase price of a new car - up to $5,885! Plus, rather than pay your lease with your take-home income (after you’ve paid income tax), you’ll pay a portion using your pre-tax salary. So you turn tax to your advantage.


Enjoy ongoing running cost savings

throughout the life of your lease, whether that's 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, you save in GST and income tax on your budgeted running costs like servicing, maintenance, insurance, fuel, tyres and more.


Car finance and budgeted running costs all bundled

We bundle your car finance and budgeted running costs into one easy payment on payday. This includes fuel, tyres, registration, insurance, servicing and more. So, when it's time for servicing, you won't get hit with a big bill or out-of-pocket expenses.  

Your benefits

From substantial tax savings to 24/7 hour roadside assistance, a FleetPartners Novated Lease for your car will get you where you need to be for less.

Your car, your way

It’s your car and you should love what you drive. So, you choose the make, model, colour and accessories that work for your budget and your needs.

Sale and lease back

If you love the car you’re already in but think Novated Leasing is for you, consider our 'Sale and Leaseback' option. We buy your car and lease it back to you, so you get all the benefits of a Novated Lease.

End-to-end novated lease support

From sourcing the car and negotiating a great price to organising insurance, registration, servicing and even accident support (in the unlucky event you need it). FleetPartners supports you through your entire novated car leasing journey.

Adapt your lease with ease

We’ll help you set a budget according to your driving patterns. If these change, simply call us to adjust your budget throughout your lease.

Your records at a glance

A regular report, delivered straight to your inbox. So you’ll always know how your budgets are tracking, what your car costs to run, and how much money you’re saving.

Cashless fuel fill ups and discounted maintenance

A FleetPartners Novated Lease provides access to discounts on repairs, maintenance, parts and labour, when you use our preferred authorised network of partners. Plus, never be stranded without fuel – your lease includes a fuel card for cashless fill-ups that can be used at more than 6,000 outlets across Australia.

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* Figures are based on the following criteria: 1) FleetPartners Novated Lease 2) Gross annual salary of $80,000; 3) QLD on road costs; 4) Travelling 12,000km p.a.; 5) 60-month lease term; 6) calculated using the Employee Contribution Method (ECM); 7) Assumed residual value based on residual percentage outlined by ATO guidelines as 01/07/23; 8) Payments made monthly in arrears; 8) Budgeted running costs inclusive of vehicle finance, fuel (excl. electric vehicles), servicing, tyres, maintenance, Allianz comprehensive motor insurance, and re-registration over the period of the lease. 9) FBT exemption applied to eligible Electric Vehicles. GST saving up to $6,191 (as per ATO guidelines as at 01/07/23). The exact residual amount, as set by the ATO, will be specified in your vehicle quote and is payable at the end of the lease term. Vehicle pricing is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change based on availability. Vehicles must be ordered before 30/06/24 (unless extended) via the FleetPartners preferred dealer network. Novated Lease offers are indicative only and availability on the selected new vehicles and models shown may change. Vehicle delivery timeframes may vary, depending on manufacturer availability, at time of order. Savings estimate based on the income tax and GST savings of a Novated Lease calculated using the Employee Contribution Method compared to the purchase of the same vehicle using post-tax earnings. 


Estimate your savings

Get a quick estimate on how much you could save using a Novated lease for your next car.

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    What is a Novated Lease?

    A Novated Lease could be a flexible and convenient way to finance and run your car. The three way agreement between you, your employer and FleetPartners allows you to package the finance and running costs associated with your car, directly from your salary. This allows you to save on GST and income tax on expenses on your car.

    Why choose a Novated Lease?
    A Novated Lease is flexible, convenient and offers you great benefits:

    • Save on the purchase price of a vehicle by accessing our buying power
    • Tax savings: save GST on the purchase price, as well as GST on running costs
    • Access our preferred supplier network and save on ongoing maintenance and tyres
    • Convenient payments straight from your salary, some of which is tax-free
    • Enjoy the convenience of FleetPartners managing your vehicle expenses for you
    • Enjoy the flexibility of designing the package to suit your needs

    What kind of car can I choose?

    The choice is yours!

    You choose the make and model, colour and accessories you want and that suits your lifestyle and budget.

    • New – access our buying power or negotiate with your own deal
    • Used vehicles under 7 years old
    • Your existing vehicle under a Sale and Leaseback, where we'll buy your car and then lease it back to you

    Plus, you can include car extras such as window tinting, protection packs and much more. 

    How is my Novated budget calculated?

    FleetPartners will calculate the running cost budgets on your chosen vehicle based on how many kilometres you expect to travel each year.  If your circumstances change and you find you are driving more or less than expected, we can revise your budget to reflect your current use. 

    At the end of your lease, we reconcile your Novated Lease and return any unspent budget to your employer, who will process it back to you via your payroll department.

    You can keep track of your budgets through our online portal. 

    How are the running costs managed?

    FleetPartners do it all for you! Fuel cards are issued for your convenience; servicing, maintenance and tyres are organised and paid for directly to the supplier.

    If you have opted for FleetPartners to arrange your comprehensive insurance you can be assured that your cover is in place for when you drive away. If you choose to include your own comprehensive insurance in the package, you can simply pay your insurer and claim the cost back as a reimbursement.

    We can pay registration renewals directly or again, you can pay it yourself and claim the cost back through the package.

    We want to make things as easy as possible for you. A Novated Lease can be a paperless transaction once the package begins, and you have the ability to review and adjust your budget at any time.

    What happens if I change jobs?

    There are a number of options to consider if you change jobs during your lease term:

    • You could transfer your novated lease to your new employer, if your employer offers novated leasing
    • Continue to make your monthly lease payments under the existing finance agreement (less any previously included running costs)
    • Make an offer to purchase the vehicle and payout the lease (including residual value amount). 

    What happens if I go on unpaid leave?

    If you go on unpaid leave for any reason (including maternity leave), you will need to continue paying the finance rental and running costs yourself.  Once you return to paid work, your Novated Lease deductions can recommence by your employer from your pay and you can again access the tax savings.

    What happens at the end of my lease?

    FleetPartners will contact you before your lease is due to end and walk you through options. In summary, these options are: 

    • Keeping your car by paying the residual value amount and taking full ownership of the vehicle.
    • Refinance the residual for an additional lease term and continue to get the tax savings on running costs.
    • Upgrade to a new vehicle with a new lease.

    We'll step you through your options and make it easy!

    What is Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)?

    Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) was introduced as a way of taxing non-cash benefits which are received in place of cash wages. If your employer assists in the provision of an owned or leased car is an example of such a benefit.

    Without FBT, employers could provide non-cash benefits to their employees free of tax. Employers have been made responsible for administering fringe benefits and for payment of any FBT liability.

    When setting up your lease, we take care of this and work with your employer to minimise the FBT liability. 

    If I have an accident do I have to sort it out?

    Having an accident can be a unnerving event. But, with FleetPartners, just one phone call will take care of everything. From advising the driver on the scene and handling all the necessary insurance documentation and claim, to the repair process and handing the keys back to the driver. We even liaise with your insurer to arrange the repair estimates as well as manage the repair agent to ensure the time your vehicle is off the road is kept to a minimum and the repairs are of a quality standard.

    If the vehicle breaks down what am I covered for?

    You can choose to have Accident and/or Breakdown management added to your contract. Simply call us and we'll arrange for someone to come out to either repair your vehicle on the roadside or, tow it to an agent who can get you on your way again.

    If the vehicle has to stay at the repairer, we can arrange for you to carry on to your destination or return home.