We are streamlining our operations and have consolidated our brands, FleetPlus and FleetPartners. Soon, all new leases will be set up and managed by FleetPartners and all existing leases transitioned to FleetPartners. 
Please use the information below for assistance with a specific enquiry about a new or existing FleetPlus lease.

Looking for a new car?

A Novated Lease is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get into and run a car. You can use it for 100% personal use and save thousands in tax. Find out how much you can save with our Novated Leasing calculator. Or, call us for an obligation-free quote.

Need vehicles to keep your business moving?

We don’t just manage some of Australia’s largest company and government fleets - we also have a specialist small and medium business team. So, if you’re looking for 1 - 20 vehicles for your business, we can help with sourcing and hassle-free vehicle management.

Looking for a full service management solution for your large fleet?

Whether you’ve got 20 or 5,000 vehicles, our team of fleet management specialists can help you to make data-led performance decisions to:

  • acquire company vehicles
  • drive efficiency and cost savings
  • reduce whole-of-life costs and increase asset utilisation
  • improve driver safety
  • support your transition to a greener, more sustainable fleet

Need a customised truck, yellow good or specialist asset?

Our team of highly qualified commercial vehicle consultants, combined with our specialist supplier network, will facilitate the build, modification and refurbishment of heavy commercial vehicles, tankers, yellow goods, plant and equipment. Our comprehensive lifecycle management approach sets us apart offering:

  • flexible funding
  • competitive asset acquisition
  • specialist build management and and on-site vehicle commissioning  
  • full in-life vehicle management
  • asset optimisation
  • streamlined end-of-life asset disposal

Resources for our customers

A guide for drivers

Whether you've got a Novated Lease for your personal car, or a tool-of-trade supplied by your company, our Driver App is the most convenient way to access a range of driver services, right from palm of your hand. There’s no app download – simply click here (on your mobile) and fast-track your access to information and support. There’s a range of tools to help with lodging an insurance claim, accessing to our service locator for convenient servicing and maintenance with no out-of-pocket expenses, getting roadside assistance, and much more.

Service locator

Our handy service locator uses the power of Google Maps and the key benefit of using this tool is that it'll pinpoint preferred and trusted network partners in your area. When you use a preferred partner, you won't be left out-of-pocket for servicing or repairs.  So, to find a service centre, petrol station that accepts your fuel card, tyre or windscreen repairer or car wash near you, jump onto our service locator! 

Or, you can simply call our free concierge service and we'll book a appointment at a time and location that suits you.

Insurance documents

If your lease has been transferred from FleetPlus to FleetPartners and you have an existing Allianz Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy by FleetPlus, you can access important documents below.

Accident management

When accidents happen, our dedicated accident claims management team is available 24/7 to help. We’ll take away the stress, support you during the process and even lodge insurance claims for you. Our goal is to help keep you safe, and get your car back on the road as quickly as possible with quality repairs.

24/7 roadside assistance

You won't get left stranded when you've got 24/7 roadside and breakdown assistance included in your lease. Whether you've blown out a tyre, need a jump start or replacement battery, you've got a mechanical breakdown, or run out of fuel/charge - one simple phone call and help is on its way.

Vehicle maintenance, repairs, windscreens and tyres

Our free concierge service will book a service at a time and place convenient to you, organise for replacement tyres, or coordinate a mobile windscreen repair or replacement. Any, when you used a repairer from the FleetPartners preferred partner network, you won’t be out-of-pocket or need to make an expense reimbursement claim.

Accessing your online account

Your Novated Leasing account

Our Novated Leasing platform is available 24/7 and makes keeping up to date about your Novated Lease easy. The platform provides updates on your budgeted running cost, monthly reporting, the ability to submit out-of-pocket claims, and so much more.

Or, if you don’t have an online account and need to make a manual out-of-pocket claim for a vehicle expense such as an insurance premium payment, registration costs, servicing, maintenance or a car wash, please submit a reimbursement claim form.

Your fleet management account

Access by corporate fleet managers to the FleetPartners fleet management hasn’t changed. Simply click the link below to be directed to Nitro.

Customer feedback

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Need Support?

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