Heavy commercial leasing

Vehicle leasing and fleet management for your commercial needs,
modified to suit

Our team of highly qualified commercial vehicle consultants, combined with our specialist supplier network, gets you results. We facilitate the build, modification, and refurbishment of heavy commercial vehicles, whether for one vehicle or an entire fleet.

Assets that get the job done

Our end-to-end solution starts with helping you to define bespoke build specifications to meet your needs. We work with you right through the process from management of the build phase to vehicle delivery and onsite asset commissioning.

Safety. Risk Management.

Modifying a heavy commercial vehicle without the experts can lead to incorrect and unsafe weight ratios, inappropriately installed ancillaries and non-compliant vehicles. We partner with commercial vehicle specialists and major manufacturers to deliver solutions that meet road design rules.

Whole-of-life asset management. Maximising returns.

We apply ‘whole-of-life’ asset management methodology and streamlined end-of-life asset disposal. This proven approach ensures you benefit from a focus on the whole-of-life costs and performance of your fleet, over flexible terms ranging from 2 to 8 years.

Flexible funding

Focused on optimal financial outcomes, we offer both wholesale and capital market funding via Fully Maintained Operating Leases and work with you to determine optimal lease timeframes by asset.

Streamlined end-of-life asset disposal

Focused on asset uptime, we mitigate business disruption when assets are considered end-of-life or at lease expiry, with streamlined changeover processes.

Full in-life vehicle management

Our dedicated heavy commercial field operations team undertake maintenance reviews, develop whole-of-life service programs, and manage incident investigation and resolution.

Gear up your fleet to get the job done

Experience our heavy commercial vehicle leasing difference.