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Important Information: This calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only. The figures are estimates and do not constitute a quote or offer. The figures are based on the information you provided and a number of factors and assumptions. To view these factors and assumptions click here.

How to use the Novated Lease calculator

The FleetPartners Novated Lease calculator is a handy tool that's quick, easy and an obligation-free way of find out how much money could you save on your next car.

It takes less than 2 minutes.
If you have a specific car in mind, choose the make, model and variant and we'll estimate your savings. Or, if you have a budget in mind, you can enter that and we can still calculate your estimated savings (compared to buying a car outright).

We'll also ask for your annual salary so we can estimate your total tax savings, and your postcode to calculate the on-road costs (registration and CTP). Our calculator provides an immediate response based on a 4-year lease term and 15,000 km travelled per year. However, you can easily change these to suit your personal and financial circumstances by using the 'edit details' link on the second page. 

Best of all, you can use the calculator as many times as you want. You can calculate your savings on thousands and thousands of different cars (available in Australia) and don't need to provide any personal information. Only if you want to ask us questions or proceed to a lease quote, will we ask you to provide your name and contact details. A leasing specialists will then give you a call, which is (of course) still completely obligation-free. 

It's as simple as that!

Frequently Asked Questions about Novated Leasing Calculators

    Does the lease calculator provide accurate results?

    The FleetPartners Novated Leasing calculator uses information provided by you, as well as information directly from vehicle manufacturers, maintenance and servicing providers, industry experts, and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This tool is a great way to quickly estimate how much you'll save in tax - both GST and income tax. 

    To get an accurate quote, our team will leverage our dealer network to negotiate a great price on the exact car you want including any vehicle accessories you need. They'll also consider other factors such your specific lease inclusions, the number of kilometres you travel, the lease term and, running costs like maintenance, fuel or electricity (for charging an electric vehicle) and insurance. 

    To get a Novated Lease quote, you can simply call us on 1300 666 001 or submit an enquiry at the end of the Novated Lease calculator.

    Will a lease calculator help save me money?

    The Novated Lease Calculator will give you a great indication of how much you could save with a Novated Lease. We'll calculate the tax benefits based on your annual salary and what your regular payment will be.

    Does this calculator work for Electric Vehicles?

    Absolutely. Our calculator applies the Electric Car Discount and applies the Fringe Benefits Tax exemption. You can also use the calculator to run various car type scenarios for example, comparing electric and petrol/diesel car options, to see how much you'll save.


    Is Leasing a car better than buying?

    Novated Leasing is a type of Salary Packaging. This means that the finance on your car and some of the running costs (or, in the case of electric vehicles, 100% of the running costs) are paid from your pre-tax salary. So, the costs are paid from your pre-tax salary and only after that does your employer apply income tax - reducing the tax you pay. Plus, you could save thousands in GST, starting with an upfront saving of (up to) $6,191 on the GST on the purchase price of a new car. 

    None of these benefits are available if you take out a traditional car loan or pay cash. Our calculator will show your savings on a Novated Lease compared to buying the car, so we'd encourage you to try it today!

    How long do Novated Leases last?

    Typically, a Novated Lease is 3, 4 or 5 years. However, FleetPartners will tailor a Novated Lease to your personal circumstances. For example, depending on your budget, the type of car you're looking to lease and the average number of kilometres you travel each year. We also closely consider the regular payments and work with you to determine a lease term which meets your needs and budget. 

    The calculator also gives you the option to change the lease term. Plus, you can change the frequency of payments to align your car lease with when you receive your salary.


    How do I get a Novated Lease?

    Firstly, we'd recommend using our free and no-obligation calculator to understand how much you could save with a Novated Lease. Take a couple of minutes to check out some different car options - that'll give you a rough idea of the cost of different makes and models that you might be considering. You're likely to be surprised by just how affordable a new car is, which means you can consider upgrading to a higher variant, or even a brand you might have previously thought was not affordable. 

    Secondly, check that your employer offers Novated Leasing as an employee benefit - this is a simple question that your employer payroll or People and Culture team can answer for you. 

    Thirdly, ring us on 1300 666 001 or submit an enquiry via our website and one of our Novated Leasing specialists will talk you through the easy and streamlined process.