Sale and Leaseback for your Business

Unlock the cash in your vehicles

Already own a business vehicle? Then, you really should consider a Sale and Leaseback. If your vehicles are less than 4 years old, we'll purchase them and lease them back to you, typically over 3 to 5 years freeing up cash to use in other parts of your business. 

Reduce the risk of owning depreciating assets

Older vehicles can be costly to maintain and over time depreciate in value. A Sales and Leaseback removes these challenges and much of the risk, as you're leasing the vehicles from FleetPartners instead. 

Free up business cash

Get an immediate cash injection back into your business, and turn your depreciating assets into working capital opportunities.

Easy transition

After assessing the suitability of your fleet based on age and kilometres, we'll smoothly transition your vehicles to Fully Maintained Operating Leases with a Sale and Leaseback, without your vehicles being off the road or causing business downtime.

Access the benefits of a Fully Maintained Operating Lease

Simplify your vehicle expenses with one monthly payment for all budgeted costs. Get access to our purpose-built technology with our fleet management platform to ensure you've got visibility of your vehicles and their running costs, helping to improve efficiency and deliver cost transparency.

your vehicles without the admin hassle.

Find out how a Sale and Leaseback could work for your business.

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