Truck Leasing for your Business

Our flexible solution means that we can deliver 1 truck or an entire truck fleet.

Trucks can be complex for businesses to find, fund and manage. When your ute is at capacity, a small payload truck might be a safer alternative. If finding a truck for your business has you running into roadblocks, we’re here to make it easy for you. More and more businesses are turning to truck leasing rather than purchasing. Commercial truck leasing offers ease, flexibility, savings, and vehicles to get the job done.

No cash upfront and pay as you go

Rather than pay cash outright for a truck, get a brand new vehicle with no upfront cost and pay per month. Plus, you set the lease term typically from 3 to 5 years, we’ll flex to suit you.

Outsource Maintenance

Scheduled servicing and maintenance is bundled into your Fully Maintained Operating Lease. This avoids lump sum servicing bills, is hassle-free for your team and well planned to minimise vehicle downtime.

Expert Support

You get a truck specialist looking after your account who stays up-to-date with the latest information from truck distributors. This will help save you from making potentially costly mistakes that could hurt your business.

Customised trucks

Need something specific for your business or industry? We only partner with qualified commercial vehicle specialists in engineering, fleet management and major vehicle manufacturing. Our partners help us deliver exceptional solutions – from standard upgrades to complex builds.

Specialised equipment

No matter your business needs, we’re here to help. Get what you need to support your current trucks, or we’ll source new ones for you.

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Your first truck or 50th.

We’ll help you get the a vehicle that's right for your business.