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Do more with your money

Salary Packaging and Novated Leasing are great ways to save thousands and have more money to spend on the things you want.

And, to save, you don't need to spend more money or buy things you weren't already planning to.

How it works

Salary Packaging and Novated Leasing is an arrangement between you, your employer and us, where you elect to pay for some of your everyday living expenses from your pre-tax salary. 

For example, you're salary might be $85,000 and you decide to package a car at $15,000 per year. If you get into a new electric car, the finance on your car and all its running costs are tax-free.  So, put simply:

  • Your salary is $85,000 
  • Your electric car benefit is $15,000
  • You only pay income tax on $70,000

That means you pay less tax than if you were to buy your car outright and pay for running costs from your post-tax salary. 

Your car, your way

After that new car feeling, a pre-loved car, a car you already own, or a car for a loved one? There are plenty of perks when you start a Novated Lease with us.

Getting into the car you love is easier and more affordable with a Novated Lease. We’ve also got decades of experience helping Australians drive the car they want and with our national dealer network, we can help find the exact car you're after.

We help thousands of Australians enjoy the right car at the right place

“Less than a week after I had picked a car, our procurement team were able to organise delivery of the vehicle to our office. Customer Service was also outstanding in having my fuel cards on my desk within days of lease activation. This is my second Novated Lease and the amount of tax savings I received over the past 4 years is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new car.”

Aaron H - Westpac


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* Figures are based on the following criteria: 1) FleetPartners Novated Lease 2) Gross annual salary of $80,000; 3) QLD on road costs; 4) Travelling 12,000km p.a.; 5) 60-month lease term; 6) calculated using the Employee Contribution Method (ECM); 7) Assumed residual value based on residual percentage outlined by ATO guidelines as 01/07/24; 8) Payments made monthly in arrears; 8) Budgeted running costs inclusive of vehicle finance, fuel (excl. electric vehicles), servicing, tyres, maintenance, Allianz comprehensive motor insurance, and re-registration over the period of the lease. 9) FBT exemption applied to eligible Electric Vehicles. GST saving up to $6,334 (as per ATO guidelines as at 01/07/24). The exact residual amount, as set by the ATO, will be specified in your vehicle quote and is payable at the end of the lease term. Vehicle pricing is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change based on availability. Vehicles must be ordered before 30/09/24 (unless extended) via the FleetPartners preferred dealer network. Novated Lease offers are indicative only and availability on the selected new vehicles and models shown may change. Vehicle delivery timeframes may vary, depending on manufacturer availability, at time of order. Savings estimate based on the income tax and GST savings of a Novated Lease calculated using the Employee Contribution Method compared to the purchase of the same vehicle using post-tax earnings.