Fully Maintained Operating Lease

A whole fleet of benefits

Free up business capital, streamline vehicle admin and improve your driver experience with our Fully Maintained Operating Leases. We can work with your in-house fleet and procurement teams, or provide a fully outsourced solution – flexed to suit your needs.

Flexible funding

Optimise your financial outcomes with our Fully Maintained Operating Lease – free up working capital, access highly competitive wholesale funding and reduce your asset liabilities by divesting old vehicles that can be expensive to maintain. We also help you manage assets, provide ‘lease versus buy’ analysis, calculate whole-of-life scenarios, and plan replacement options and schedules.

Optimal whole-of-life cost

Get comprehensive data modelling to compare and assess the effectiveness of multiple fleet solutions. Our service incorporates cost analysis, fleet utilisation and vehicle selection.

Specialist build management and vehicle commissioning

Our highly qualified team of vehicle specialists are on hand to manage customer build compliance and assist with everything from standard upgrades through to complex builds.

Support your drivers

Support on the road, when your drivers need it. Our app offers 24/7 breakdown and roadside assistance, petrol and EV charging station and service centre locators.

Simplify vehicle transactions and admin

Each year, large fleets can generate tens of thousands of fuel transactions, multiple service and maintenance approvals, and numerous infringement and toll notices. We take care of all of this admin for you and report back on exceptions and service levels.

Optimisation of assets

We monitor and identify opportunities to optimise your fleet. Call on our fleet management expertise, purpose-built fleet management and insights platform, and optional optimisation tools such as telematics, and pool vehicle booking.

Short term vehicle options

A great way to resource up or down for one to two years, EzyDrive gives your organisation access to quality pre-leased vehicles with all the benefits of a Fully Maintained Operating Lease.

Package your services

Add-on any of our optional services to tailor your corporate fleet operating lease and give your drivers a better experience. Whether it’s additional services like driver safety training, telematics, vehicle customisation, or direct-to-driver communications. You choose the services that work for you.

Streamlined end-of-life asset disposal

Focused on asset uptime, we mitigate business disruption for end-of-life or end of lease assets. We streamline the process when your assets need to be replaced and deliver competitive re-financing options for lease extensions.

experienced providers

We know our stuff

With over 40 years experience in the market, we know a thing or two about creating an exceptional experience for our drivers and clients.

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