Easy business vehicle leasing

Free up cash with easy business vehicle leasing

Our Business leasing solutions are specifically tailored for those looking for between 1 and 20 vehicles.

When you lease with FleetPartners, our Business team will work with you to source and manage your vehicles, without you having to purchase them with your own cash or dealing with ongoing and time-consuming vehicle administration. Choose from an extensive range of new makes or models, and decide the kilometres you’ll drive per year and the term you’d like – typically 3, 4 or 5 years. You’ll get all your scheduled servicing and maintenance, and most other running costs included in a single monthly payment – easy as that!

Easier than purchasing and owning a vehicle outright

With no major upfront costs and a single monthly payment, you’ll know what you’re spending each month. You get the vehicles you need and keep your cashflow in check. Plus, we take care of all the vehicle admin for you, so you don’t need to spend time sorting out servicing, tyres and registration. And it’s not just for big businesses either. Leasing can suit businesses with the need for only 1 vehicle or up to 20.


Our most popular lease takes care of everything

Pay for most of the running costs for your vehicle in just a single monthly payment. This includes costs for the exclusive use of the vehicle for the lease term, as well as scheduled servicing, maintenance, annual registration, replacement tyres, roadside assistance, and more.

With flexible terms typically 3 to 5 years, you can choose what suits your business. Plus, you'll save time and costs with optional add-on services such as accident management and, toll and infringement management.

Once the lease term ends, we can help you get into a new vehicle with a new lease. No hassle, no fuss.


Release the cash locked up in your vehicles

We can buy your vehicle from you, and lease it back to you, over an agreed term.

We’ll purchase your vehicles from you at an agreed market rate. This allows you to unlock cash from your depreciating assets. You get an immediate cash injection back into your business to use for other purposes.


Get the muscle your business needs

Obtaining and maintaining a fleet of trucks is a tall order. Commercial vehicles can be complex to find, fund and manage. Leasing could be a great alternative.

At FleetPartners, we can help you find the right leasing solution to ensure you get the vehicles your business needs. Our flexible model means we can deliver one ute, or an entire small truck fleet. 

We help thousands of Australians enjoy the right car at the right place

“My client was looking for a full-service solution that would enable him to focus on his IT consultancy business and not worry about his vehicle or related expenses. As his financial advisor, I was able to submit the enquiry directly to FleetPartners who contacted me and then spoke to my client. FleetPartners also helped with sourcing the vehicle and negotiating competitive pricing. The vehicle was recently delivered to my client and I received payment for commissions direct to my bank account and immediately. It’s a great solution for my client and a streamlined experience made even easier through the quality FleetPartners platform.”

Leath Margrie, Finance Broker, Lend

“We’re a small company – we don’t have a fleet of 50 or 100 cars. But FleetPartners operating leases have been a good way to manage our fleet, end-to-end. It lets us focus on what we do best – our coffee and our products. And we let FleetPartners take care of everything else from a fleet management perspective.”

Abdullah Ramay - Pablo & Rustys

"Every touchpoint with FleetPartners felt seamless - from the initial enquiries right through to collecting a vehicle - it was a great experience!"  

Kieran Scott - Director, Fyre Pro

Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Available on select vehicles only, for a limited time unless extended. 1The 0.5% interest rate discount is applied to the prevailing interest rate set by FleetPartners to calculate monthly the lease rental. 2As determined by FleetPartners at its discretion by considering the comparable Internal Combustion Engine vehicle make, model, age and condition. 3Savings estimate based on the comparison to the same vehicle and lease terms without the special offer applied.

* Figures are based on the following criteria: 1) FleetPartners Fully Maintained Operating Lease; 2) NSW on road costs; 3) 75,000 kilometre limit over the life of the lease; 4) 60-month lease term; 5) Vehicle delivered to a metropolitan area in your capital city; 6) Payments made monthly in arrears; 7) Budgeted running costs inclusive of vehicle finance, stamp duty, on road costs, fuel management, 4 replacement tyres, scheduled servicing and maintenance, re-registration over the period of the lease, 24-hour roadside assistance, accident management services, toll and infringement management. Vehicle pricing is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change based on availability. Vehicles must be ordered before 30/09/24 (unless extended) via the FleetPartners preferred dealer network. The Fully Maintained Operating lease offers are only an indicative approximation and availability on the selected new vehicles and models shown and may change at the time the lease quotation is completed and finalised. Offers not available in Tasmania and the Northern Territory.  Options, accessories and changes to the lease term or kilometres may change the quoted lease payment. Vehicle delivery timeframes may vary, depending on manufacturer availability. You must return the vehicle at the end of the lease term. Fair wear and tear and excess kilometre charges may apply.

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