Save thousands on the car you want

A novated car lease is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get the car you want. Not only can you enjoy great tax savings, you can also design a novated lease package to suit your budget – and drive the car of your dreams, sooner.

Save on vehicle cost

There’s a tonne of ways to save with a FleetPartners novated car lease. Take advantage of our national buying power and supplier network to secure a competitive price on the purchase price of your car. Plus, get fleet discounts for servicing, maintenance and tyres.

Drive your salary further

Most Aussies who get paid a salary are eligible for a novated car lease. We’ll work seamlessly with you and your employer to set up your lease. And you’ll use your pre-tax dollars for lease repayments – reducing the tax you pay.

A smart way to budget

Just one, single monthly payment on payday covers your car lease and your budgeted running costs. So you know exactly what you’re paying, and when.

New car, new you

Your car, your choice. Choose the make, model, colour and accessories of your brand new car. Not ready for new? You can also lease a used car. Or, you can even lease your current car with our ‘Sale and leaseback program’.

Flexible end-of-lease options

When your novated lease ends, you’ve got options. Once you make the residual payment, you can choose to trade in your car for the latest model or keep your car. You can also refinance or extend your lease.


Find out how much you could save

Get an instant estimate on a Novated Lease when you use our Novated Leasing calculator, or by calling 1300 666 001.

Customised Novated Car lease

Our expert team is all about you. We’ll help you design your Novated Lease car package to suit your salary, budget, and driving needs. Talk to us about how much you can save.