An effortless way to manage fines

From parking to speeding fines, use of bus lanes or toll offences – infringement admin is time consuming for business. With our infringement management service, we can record, monitor and report on driver infringements for you. So you can save time, reduce operating costs, streamline your admin, and keep your drivers safer. 

Data to support safer drivers

We capture all of your driver infringements on one platform. So you can view your entire fleet’s infringement details, or drill down to divisions, individual drivers, or locations. Use this infringement management data to identify driver health and safety risks, manage behaviour, and support workplace health and safety conversations. Ultimately, keeping your drivers safer on the road. 

Pay on time, every time

We’ll help you identify the right driver, so you can pay your infringements on time, avoid late and admin fees, court proceedings, or legal costs from missed or unpaid fines.

Streamline your admin

We’re notified of your fleet’s infringements and automatically email nominated people or multiple contacts in your business about any new incidents. 

How It works

Let us handle the admin

  1. The infringement agency notifies us of your drivers’ infringements – such as parking, use of bus lanes, expired licences, speeding fines or toll offences.
  2. We load the infringement notice into our system for reporting purposes.
  3. We’ll email a copy to the driver, fleet managers or a combination of recipients.
  4. The infringement will be paid directly to the agency by the driver or according to your vehicle policy.

FleetPartners do not pay infringements as a standard practice.

Take control of infringement management with FleetPartners

It’s easy to add our infringement management service to your lease.