Sale and Leaseback Solutions for Businesses

We buy your vehicles and then lease them back to you

Turn your depreciating assets into cash which you can then inject into other areas of your business. Call on our fleet expertise to easily transition your vehicles, upgrade your fleet, and guide you on the right vehicle mix for the job that needs to be done. We purchase your vehicles at an agreed market rate or book value. We can also help you determine which of your vehicles have passed their optimum life span, which vehicles you should retain, and provide replacement options for vehicles that are no longer fit for purpose.

How it works, in three easy steps

Step 1. Fleet information

We’ll source your fleet information including registration, model, kilometres, and any accessories that may be fitted. We’ll take the time to understand your needs, determine your fleet use, and the goals you’re trying to achieve, such as reducing emissions or improving the safety of your fleet with newer vehicles with more safety features.

Step 2. Deliver our recommendations

We’ll determine the useful economic life left in each vehicle asset and then come up with a total fleet solution. Our offering will be tailored to your unique requirements and will consist of:

  • a lump sum payout to purchase your vehicles
  • a strategy to acquire new vehicles
  • a complete ongoing management plan for your fleet.

Step 3. Finalise paperwork

Agree on timeframes, valuation of fleet including the lump-sum payment date, as well as the date you’ll pass your fleet hassles over to FleetPartners.

Book a free fleet assessment

FleetPartners will meet you on site to give you a no-obligation free fleet assessment. You’ll get:

  • A valuation of what your fleet is worth in lump sum value.
  • Risk report identifying vehicles by model, age and kilometres that may represent a higher risk to your business.
  • Written recommendation of your fleet and action points that align with your business goals.

What’s included in a Sale and Leaseback?

Once a Sale and Leaseback transaction has occurred, you’ll get all the benefits of our Fully Maintained Operating Lease solution for your vehicles.

See the benefits of leasing for a business with up to 1 - 20 vehicles.

See the benefits of leasing for an enterprise (corporate, government and not-for-profit entities) that have more than 20 vehicles.


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