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Fully Maintained Operating Lease

With a Fully Maintained Operating Lease we can take care of all your vehicle management. Get a brand-new vehicle and consolidate most running and maintenance costs into one monthly payment. Plus, choose from our flexible terms, typically 3, 4 or 5 years.

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Sale and leaseback

Sell your owned business vehicles to FleetPartners and lease them back. The sale of your vehicles generates a cash injection – so when opportunity knocks, you’ve got capital on hand to respond swiftly.

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Truck leasing

Flexible truck leasing gets you the tipper, tractor, flatdeck, tanker, sideloader or skeletal you need to do your jobs. Access standard or customised vehicles with easy business car leasing whether you need a single truck, or a number of commercial vehicles.

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Novated Leasing

Novated Leasing is a smart way to boost your employees' benefits to attract and retain top talent without costing your business more in base salaries. Ensure your employee benefits are ahead of your competition by adding novated leasing to your offering.


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