Fleet transition to FleetPartners

With our seamless and streamlined approach

Transitioning your fleet to FleetPartners. Our proven approach works flexibly with your business and timelines, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your drivers. From data and system management to stakeholder engagement, we’re here to help with your fleet transition, every step of the way.

Transform your fleet

We work hand in hand with your business to map your fleet’s current state, define your ideal future state – and get you there.

Dedicated support for your business

You’ll have a dedicated transition manager assigned to your business, supported by our expert team of transition professionals. Together, they’ll make your move to FleetPartners easy.

Streamlined transition plan

Our detailed transition plan clearly outlines roles, responsibilities, and timelines. You and your stakeholders are kept informed through direct, continuous and open communication. Alongside regular progress meetings, our sound project management provides real-time reports and visibility of the project and workflow.

Seamless data transition

No matter the format, our expert team will transition your data from your internal systems or an incumbent provider, to our internal system. Quick, simple, and hassle-free.

Education to boost driver adoption

We implement a robust employee education program and communications plan, tailored to your business. So your drivers are across the new processes and policies, aiding successful adoption.

Direct-to-driver solution

An optional add-on is our direct employee communication solution. We’ll communicate directly with your drivers, freeing up your internal team.


Drive your fleet further

Our expert team can help you transition your fleet seamlessly, with little to no impact on your day-to-day operations.