Innovative solutions set Glass Team apart

Glass Team is one of Auckland's top glass experts, specialising in window, door and glass installation. Aucklanders trust Glass Team to complete their projects with the highest quality, providing the latest product and technologies for their commercial and residential clients. 


The Challenge  

After years of working for another company, Glass Team founder and owner David Whitburn decided to start his own business. 

He didn't want to pay out cash to buy the vehicles he needed for his business, so he looked to leasing which enabled him to save cash to invest in other parts of his business. He also knew it would save him time as he didn't need to individually manage vehicle upkeep. Glass Team needed bespoke trucks to deliver glass to their customers, whether that was to a customer’s home or to a commercial building. Glass Team required light commercial vehicles that could carry very large panes of glass and mid-range trucks to perform deliveries nationwide.


The Solution

Glass Team knew FleetPartners were the leaders in commercial leasing, and initially leased a truck and a couple of vehicles for their sales team. As they grew, so did their fleet. To meet Glass Team's specialist needs, FleetPartners worked with GlassTranz to build custom bodies, which included installing frails inside the trucks to reliably hold heavy loads of glass and transport it safely.

To meet the needs of Glass Team's high-rise building customers, FleetPartners helped fund the lease to develop a solution that allows cranes to extract glass through the roof of the truck. Glass Team knows that their fleet of trucks will always turn up in fantastic shape and ready to go. David appreciates FleetPartners has a great relationship with GlassTranz who is a well-recognised glass truck builder in New Zealand who helps with getting these trucks built and delivered.


The Outcome

For David, working with FleetPartners is more than just about getting the trucks he needs; it's about relationships. GlassTeam has been supported by FleetPartners for their vehicle needs for over 6 years. They know that FleetPartners is proactive and makes taking that next step in their business easy.

FleetPartners manages all service and maintenance for Glass Team through a Fully Maintained Operating Lease. Along with reliable vehicles, David and his team get discounted fuel, and FleetPartners reviews their kilometre usage annually to ensure Glass Team gets the best deal.

Currently, Glass Team's fleet consists of utes and cars, and trucks fitted out to do the specialist work, from carrying glass panes to a residential site through to transporting large volumes of glass across New Zealand. David knows he can always add to his fleet, and that FleetPartners will be there to help him move into the future.

I love that I can call FleetPartners and they'll organise everything for me.
I focus on building the best glass business and FleetPartners get us what we need to really deliver.

David Whitburn, Director – Glass Team