Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Keep your cars on the road

Planning your charging infrastructure is one way to ensure a smooth move to an electric fleet. We’ve partnered with industry leaders to keep your vehicles running – like Jet Charge, Australia’s largest distributor of electric vehicle chargers. And Chargefox, Australia’s largest public electric vehicle charging network.

Charge at home, on-site or on the go

Ease and convenience. That’s what your drivers know when it comes to refuelling conventional vehicles. Keep your employees and drivers happy with these simple solutions to charge your electric vehicles, wherever they may be.

Workplace charging

Cost-effective charging solutions

We’ve teamed up with JetCharge, Australia’s largest distributor of electric vehicle charging network, to keep you on the road. To charge your fleet, we consider your unique fleet size, vehicle usage, office building parameters and whether an AC or DC charger would work for you. Together, we help you find a solution for your business.

Renting your workplace? No worries.

We’re about seamless installation, even when you’re renting your workspace. Working with Jet Charge, we offer a proven process to engage with building owners, office managers, and other key stakeholders. From kick-off meeting to building assessment, and installation, we’ve got you covered.

At home charging

As easy as charging your mobile phone

Most electric vehicles come with a charger that plugs into a normal, three pin electric plug. We also offer charging solutions that can be installed in your employees’ garage or outside wall – simple.

Intuitive reporting

We recommend choosing a mode 3 electric vehicle charger model that’s connected to a smart charger. This will help you easily manage reporting and reimbursement around electricity expenses.

Public charging

There’s an app for that

Help your employees easily find thousands of electric vehicle charging stations while they’re on the road, via the Chargefox EV charging network app. Downloadable from App Store or Google Play.

EV charge card

Offer your employees a familiar way to charge their EV – an EV RFID fob – similar to a conventional petrol fuel card. Our fobs can be used at charging stations around Australia, as well as your office charging station.

Future proof your charging infrastructure

Together, we can find an appropriate charging solution for your unique business and ensure easy, reliable electric vehicle fleet charging.

How It works

Home versus workplace charging

  • Before you install an electric vehicle fleet charging station at your employees home, consider how they use their vehicle.
  • Is their vehicle parked at your office during the day or overnight? Workplace charging might be best.
  • Are they always on the road? You may benefit from at home charging.
  • We can help you choose a charging network that meets your business’s unique needs.

jump start your sustainable vehicle journey

Get a tailored low or zero emissions fleet to suit your unique business needs.

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