Jump start your electric fleet journey

Moving to an low or zero emission fleet can be challenging – but we’re here to make it easier for you. If you’re ready to go green, you can call on our extensive fleet management expertise to guide you.

Five steps to carbon zero

Whether you want to lower your fleet operating costs, meet emission reduction targets, or catch up to competitors – your business can move towards carbon zero with an electric vehicle (EV) fleet. Our proven, five step approach will take you there.

What’s your fleet carbon strategy?

The first step is to be clear on your goals. Outline why your business wants to reduce carbon emissions, by how much, and when. We can help you define and document your strategy.

Define your fleet mission

Understand the role your fleet plays in your business. Does it transport employees to and from home or work, or deliver products across cities? Then, we’ll help to design a future state that supports your carbon strategy in conjunction with your business needs.

Select your vehicle and funding

Choose from a wide range of sustainable vehicles. We'll help you compare potential vehicles, consider whole-of-life costs, and determine suitable vehicles to accommodate fit-outs.

Charging and infrastructure

Consider how to keep your vehicles moving – home, workplace or on the go? We partner with the experts in charging infrastructure to guide you through this decision making process.

Engage employees, build policies

Plan how you’ll engage your team for a smooth move to a sustainable EV fleet, and we’ll support with helpful information and education.

Time to make your move?

Your business is unique – design a sustainable fleet to meet your goals and budget.

How It works

Introducing electric vehicles

  • Ready to go green? Reap the rewards of our unique funding model for electric vehicles.
  • We offer a 0.5%* interest rate discount on your budgeted monthly payment. 
  • Enjoy highly competitive residual values on EVs – guaranteed#. We set our EV value the same as conventional vehicles. 

*The 0.5% interest rate discount is applied to the prevailing interest rates set by FleetPartners to calculate monthly lease rentals. #The RV guarantee applies to the RV set by FleetPartners on the ICE vehicle equivalent.


Get a tailored low or zero emissions fleet to suit your unique business needs.

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