Industry experience to support your business


We help you find the vehicles your retail business needs, from mobile sales rep cars through to merchandise vans. Our vehicles can also be customised to suit your cargo carrying needs.


Get tough vehicles to carry your trade load. From utes to trucks – we have the heavy-construction vehicles your business needs. Plus, we’ll help you customise your ancillaries to suit your trade. Think: air compressors, generators and onboard cranes.


In hospitality, service is everything. Keep your fleet up to the standard of your brand and get the latest models of shuttle buses, vans or minivans. Transport your guests in style and comfort.


Whether you’re transporting raw materials or finished products, leasing vehicles gives you the flexibility to match your vehicles to your manufacturing business needs.

Wholesale goods

Deliver your products efficiently and on time with the latest, reliable vehicles. Plus, get the optional extra of telematics installed in your vehicles to ensure superior route planning and product tracking – your customers will thank you.

Professional services

Professional services need professional vehicles. Leasing gets you the latest cars you need and professional signwriting*. Plus, the enhanced safety features in new cars keep your employees safer on the road.


Find out how leasing can make a positive impact on your business.

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