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FAQs for business

    A vehicle lease is an agreement with a specialist finance company that allows a business to obtain the benefits of using a vehicle for a fixed period of time and an agreed number of kilometres, for a monthly payment.

    With no major upfront costs and a single monthly payment, you’ll know what you’re spending each month. So you get the vehicles you need and keep your cashflow in check. Plus, we take care of all the vehicle admin for you, so you don’t need to spend time sorting out fuel receipts, tolls notices and registration. And it’s not just for big businesses either. Leasing can suit businesses of all sizes with the need for only 1 vehicle or 5,000.

    A Fully Maintained Operating Lease includes vehicle finance and a range of services to make the management of your vehicles less time consuming. These include: 

    • Scheduled servicing and maintenance
    • Replacement tyres
    • 27/7 roadside and breakdown assistance
    • Annual registration
    • Fuel cards and fuel management
    • Infringement and toll management
    • FBT management and reporting
    • Driver support and a driver app

    You have 3 options available to you:

    1. Upgrade your car
    You can trade-in or sell your car, pay out the residual value and get into a new car with a new Novated Lease.

    2. Refinance your existing car
    If you have enjoyed your car and wish to keep it, you can refinance your residual value and continue with the lease.

    3. Pay out the outstanding balance (residual value) and keep your car.
    If you have enjoyed your car and wish to keep it with no finance owning, you can pay out your residual and own your car. Note, this option will mean that you won’t have the opportunity for future tax savings.

    All vehicles are to be returned to our independent vehicle assessment partners at Turners Auction centres. Here, trained Turners staff will complete an assessment of your vehicle in line with FleetPartners’ fair, wear and tear guide. A report is then forwarded to FleetPartners together with photographs, and a copy sent to your company together with a refurbishment cost. Any discrepancies should be discussed with your Account Manager within 48 hours of receipt.

    • Telematics
    • Driver safety training
    • Vehicle branding

    Yes we have a driver help site which can help.