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Accidents can be overwhelming – there are many phone calls to make and things to arrange like a tow truck, a replacement vehicle, and insurance claims, not to mention making sure your drivers and vehicles are looked after. All the while, your vehicle could be off the road and reducing productivity.

With FleetPartners 24/7 accident management service, we can reduce the inconvenience and admin headaches by managing driver and vehicle recovery, as well as the insurance claim and repairs process for you. We partner with one of Australia’s leading accident management specialists to provide a seamless experience for you and your drivers.

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One of the key benefits of accident and claims management is our trusted partner – Innovation Group. Together, we process thousands of accidents and insurance claims every year. Not only do we help you get your vehicles back on the road quickly, but we’re also there to support your drivers at the scene of the accident, with urgent assistance, towing services and more.

One point of contact

Our dedicated accident management team will act as the sole point of contact for all your insurance claims, assessments, repairs, third-party cost recovery, legal and investigation support systems. 

Replacement vehicles

If your vehicle is off the road for more than 24 hours and is on a Fully Maintained Operating Lease, we’ll arrange a similar vehicle for you, for 28 days after the accident.

24/7 assistance

Accidents don’t just happen during business hours, which is why our accident team is always ready with phone support around the clock. Our team is on hand to ensure your drivers are safe and get them back on the road as soon as possible.

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