Convenient fleet fuel management

At FleetPartners, we’re here to help streamline your business and operations – saving you time and costs. Say goodbye to the administrative burden of managing numerous fuel receipts, monitoring fuel purchasing compliance, or paying invoices from multiple fuel providers or drivers. We can take care of this for you.

Why choose fleet fuel management?

Ease and efficiency

Streamlined and efficient

We’ll consolidate the fuel card costs into one monthly fuel invoice. So, you’ll save the time it takes to reconcile hundreds (or even thousands!) of fuel receipts.

No cash. No worries

Cashless fuel fill up is available at more than 6,000 petrol stations across the country, and a wide range of fuel outlets.

More than fuel

Better yet, all vehicle-related purchases such as oils, lubricants and even cash wash (at participating outlets offering a cash wash service) can be charged to the fuel card and applied directly to the fuel budget in your lease – hassle free.

Monitor fuel usage and costs

All your fuel consumption data and costs are in one place, so it’s easier to monitor, compare and gain insights to improve your business and save on future costs.

Fuel cards also have in-built purchasing restrictions, so drivers charging personal petrol back to the company is a thing of the past. If cards are used for anything other than fuel and associated purchases, the transaction will automatically be declined. And if petrol is being purchased for a diesel vehicle, you’ll know that too.

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