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The tech car safety features every fleet should have
Date published: 9 March 2018

Everyone’s vehicle fleets needs are different. Some customers need long-haul fleets, others will be driving mainly at night, while some businesses will require a car fleet suited to daytime urban conditions.

Shiny new BMW hatch parked in car park
Date published: 29 January 2018

Novated car lease: the last decent tax break for employees.’ That was a headline on The Australian’s website recently.

Close up of two business men's hands with pens holding summary report documents
Date published: 15 January 2018


The worst kinds of risk are those of which businesses are unaware.

Using technology for FBT
Date published: 4 December 2017

Technology is now making it easier to collect the data needed to satisfy the ATO under the operating cost method, unlocking a number of benefits.

Close up of driver sitting in vehicle fastening seatbelt
Date published: 4 July 2017

Up-front price, running costs, brand image and fitness for purpose are the main factors most owners will spend time analyzing for a vehicle purchase.