Six wellbeing tips to add to your daily routine

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. From balancing work, social events, family and fitness, finding time to put your wellbeing first can be tricky.

But you don’t need to go all out on a yoga retreat or juice cleanse to nurture your wellbeing. There are plenty of simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine to lift your mind, body and soul. Here are a few wellbeing tips to get you started.

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Do a good deed every day

Yep. Every day. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. It could be bringing in your neighbour's bins, holding the door open for a stranger or grabbing something off the top shelf for someone at the supermarket. The simple act of looking for a good deed to do can make you feel lighter and happier.

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Balance your feel-good foods

Make sure your diet has a mix of nourishing foods for the body and the soul. Of course, it’s important to eat plenty of vegetables, lean protein and other good stuff high in nutrients. But it’s equally important to treat yourself to foods that you just love. Whether it’s a creamy brie cheese and slurp of wine on a girls' night or a scoop of ice cream at the park with the kids, be sure to weave in some soul foods in moderation between the beans and broccoli.

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Skip the evening scroll

Slipping into a doom scroll isn’t great at any time of day, but right before bed, it can make it much harder to fall asleep. To avoid the temptation, consider leaving your phone on the other side of the room. And if you really can’t resist, limit yourself to 10 minutes before setting your phone to sleep mode.

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Get outside

We all know the benefits of getting your daily dose of vitamin D, but going for a quick stroll around the block or sitting in your backyard for a few minutes a day can be hugely beneficial for your emotional wellbeing. If you work from home, it’s especially important to take a break from your work environment and reset for a few moments.

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Cleanse your newsfeed

If scrolling on social media does more harm than good for your mood, it might be time to cull some negative accounts. Don't be afraid to hit that unfollow button whenever you see a post from someone that doesn’t sit well with you. Instead, fill your newsfeed with uplifting content from accounts that lift you up, rather than tear you down.

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An obvious one, but when you take the time for a few deep, considered breaths, you’ll experience a raft of physical, mental and emotional benefits. Taking longer breaths allows your body to oxygenate your blood more effectively. 60 seconds of slow, deep breaths can slow your heart rate and stabilise your blood pressure, allowing you to continue your day calmer, focused and more relaxed.

Remember, small, consistent habits can make all the difference. Forget the grand gestures and nurture your wellbeing one day at a time.


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