Environmental, Social and Governance reporting

Your tool kit for environmental, social, and governance reporting.

Environment, social, governance (ESG) reporting is gaining increasing importance for organisations of all sizes in Australia. Investors, consumers and regulators are demanding greater transparency and accountability regarding how business operations impact people and the planet. With mandatory sustainability reporting looming, your organisation must stay informed and proactive.

At FleetPartners, we've developed a guide to assist you in understanding why ESG reporting is becoming more critical for businesses in Australia, the available frameworks and standards for effective reporting, and how you can measure and reduce your emissions. Our objective is to offer practical insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of reporting, empowering your business for success.

A Business Guide to ESG Reporting

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Join us for our thought-provoking interview about navigating ESG reporting. Hosted by renowned futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson, he chats with Justin Green from FleetPartners and John Askham from Grant Thornton Advisory. You can catch the discussion on our podcast or watch the video series. Take your time to learn about the evolving space of ESG reporting for corporate Australia. Explore different frameworks, reports, emission accountability, electric vehicle and fleet transitions, and the impact of a new type of conscious consumer.

Podcast & video series to ESG reporting

The Alphabet Soup

Join Anders as he sits down with John Askham from Grant Thornton and Justin Green from Fleet Partners to discuss the shift towards a net-zero carbon future. They explore the importance of ESG reporting, the challenges of carbon emissions monitoring, and the impact of fleet electrification. Dive into the alphabet soup of reporting frameworks and practical examples of emissions reduction strategies in this insightful conversation.

Beyond reporting

This discussion between John Askham from Grant Thornton and Justin Green from Fleet Partners explores the intersection of ESG reporting and business strategy. The conversation also touches on the increasing adoption of electric vehicles and the challenges and opportunities they present for businesses. Finally, they address the issue of greenwashing and the importance of rigorous reporting standards to ensure credibility in sustainability efforts.

Conscious capital

This interview dives into the evolving landscape of green financing and sustainability initiatives, highlighting the shift towards environmentally conscious practices in both corporate and consumer sectors. We discuss how financial institutions are incentivising green tech investments, and the impact of conscious consumerism on business strategies. Anders, John and Justin also explore the risks for companies lagging in sustainability efforts and forecast the future of electric vehicles in Australia by 2030.

At FleetPartners, we’ll work with you to help you understand your current state and design a future state that supports your emissions reduction strategy, within the timeframes you require. Talk to use today 1300 666 001 or contact us.