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Salary Packaging.

Salary packaging allows you to reduce your gross salary by the value of the benefits you package. This reduces your taxable income and ultimately results in you paying less Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Withholding tax.  This can be a tax-effective arrangement depending on your personal circumstances and can result in a higher net salary position.

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10 Inclusions You May Be Eligible To Package.


Portable Electronic Devices



Professional Memberships & Subscriptions



Airline Lounge Memberships



Self-Education Expenses



Home Office Expenses




Child Care Fees 


Income Protection Insurance
















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Benefits of Salary Packaging?

Salary packaging allows you to restructure your salary to a combination of cash and non-cash benefits.  This provides access to income tax savings due to a reduced cash salary and results in a higher net position.

Salary packaging also provides benefits to your employer such as assisting in the retention of valued employees and attraction of key employees.

To get set up with salary packaging, we use the following process:










Employer confirms employee is eligible
for Salary Packaging

Employee selects Salary
Packaging item(s)

FleetPartners calculates employee
salary deductions

Employer makes deductions from
employee’s pay and sends to
FleetPartners to manage

FleetPartners disburse funds on behalf
of employee and provides payroll, FBT & GST
reconciliations and reporting

Employer uses payroll FBT & GST
reporting to meet requirements


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