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Salary Packaging.

Salary Packaging is a simple way of using your current salary to pay for items pre-tax. When you salary package,

money for your personal living expenses is deducted from your salary before tax is taken out.

You only pay tax on the remaining portion of your cash salary. As a result, the tax deducted from your pay is reduced.

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10 Inclusions You Can Package.


Portable Electronic Devices



Professional Memberships & Subscriptions



Airline Lounge Memberships



Self-Education Expenses



Home Office Expenses




Child Care Fees 


Income Protection Insurance
















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What Is Salary Packaging and How Does It Work?

Generally, your salary is taxed before you get to spend it. You pay for your living costs with the money you have left over. Salary Packaging allows you to pay for these living costs with your salary BEFORE it's taxed. 

This means you may pay less in income tax and have more money to spend.


To get set up with salary packaging, we use the following process.











Employer confirms employee is eligible
for Salary Packaging

Employee selects Salary
Packaging item(s)

Employee starts to benefit
from eligbility

FleetPartners calculates employee
salary deductions

Employer makes deductions from
employee’s pay and send to
Fleet Partners to manage

FleetPartners disburse funds on behalf
of employee and provides payroll, FBT & GST
reconciliations and reporting

Employer uses payroll FBT & GST
reporting to meet requirements


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Novated car lease: the last decent tax break for employees.’ That was a headline on The Australian’s website just before the end of the last financial year, on 13 June 2017.

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