Beverage Brothers is an innovative and unconventional alcohol distribution company, bringing distinctive brands to the New Zealand market. Established in 2016, they’re one of the fastest-growing alcohol distribution companies in New Zealand.

The Challenge 

As an alcohol distribution company, Beverage Brothers fleet of vehicles is vital to their business. With 17 salespeople who are 100% mobile and driving upwards of 30,000kms a year, being able to choose a vehicle that was safe and fit for the job was top of mind.

Beverage Brothers Managing Director, Aaron Winter, had big plans to scale his alcohol distribution business but was struggling to find the right supplier. They needed a partner who was ready to take on the challenge associated with a young business.

Being a start-up, Beverage Brothers didn’t want to tie up their capital with huge upfront payments for new vehicle ownership - as well as the admin and maintenance costs required to keep them safe and running. They needed a solution that would enable them to free up their cash flow to take on the costs of running a start-up business.


The Solution

For Beverage Brothers, the advantages of leasing rather than buying were obvious. It gave them the opportunity to bring on new vehicles quickly for their sales rep - so they could enjoy the benefits of vehicle ownership without the huge upfront capital costs.

After researching various fleet companies, they liked the flexible solution and approach that FleetPartners gave them. 


With an experience that was positive from the get-go, FleetPartners was able to get Beverage Brothers the right vehicles at the best monthly rates. The great relationships that FleetPartners had with local dealers meant that FleetPartners were able to source vehicles quickly.

FleetPartners support Beverage Brothers with the everyday admin of managing their fleet. FleetPartners manage the kilometres of their vehicles annually to make sure they’re on track to their lease contracts and provide proactive vehicle servicing and maintenance to keep their drivers safe.